Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lesson 10: Liqueur - Part 2

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming back to Free Online Bartending School.

Right now, we are in the middle of our three part series on Liqueurs. We went over a few in the prior lesson, and I'm hoping to cover more in this one.

Part 2 of the Liqueurs lesson will focus on popular liqueurs that we use as a bartender.

So, without wasting any time, let's get into it right away.

Popular Liqueurs

Midori - A Japanese liqueur that tastes like Melon. It's a classic girl's drink in college. Midori Sour and Melon Balls are very popular cocktails that use Midori. If you're having a party, and want to start things off, this is a good one to use.

Bailey's Irish Cream - Bailey's is a very popular cream cocktail with an Irish Cream taste to it. You can drink it straight or on the rocks, or mix it with other liqueurs to make a B-52. It's one of my favorites to drink on the rocks. Lately, they have come out with other flavors like caramel, mint chocolate, and coffee. The caramel one was pretty excellent.

Apple Pucker - Apple Pucker is used to primarily make an Apple Martini with. It's got a strong green apple flavor. You can also mix it to make shooters with. DeKuyper is the brand that makes the popular Apple Pucker.

Amaretto - An almond flavored liqueur that is used for making Amaretto Sours with. It's not too heavy on alcohol, but full of flavor, so it's a good liqueur. Disaronno is the brand that makes the most popular Amaretto in the United States.

Grand Marnier - A strong orange flavored liqueur. It can be drank straight, and some cigar smokers drink this in a brandy glass. It has been popular these days due to the popularity of the Cadillac Margarita. You make a regular margarita, and pour a shot of this on top. It's really good.

Peach Schnapps - A peach flavored liqueur used to make cocktails like the Fuzzy Navel and Sex on the Beach with. This is also a classic girls cocktail since it's very easy to drink, and tastes great. Be sure to have a bottle if you're throwing a party.

Chambord - A raspberry flavored liqueur. This is used to make a variety of drinks, but a popular one is a champagne cocktail, Kir. There is also an alternate version of the Sex on the Beach that uses this liqueur - and it tastes great. It comes in a round bottle that's pretty easy to distinguish.

Jagermeister - A popular drink amongst the college crowd. It has a licorice like flavor, and usually drank as a shot. Commonly referred to as the "Jager." I personally love to put a Jager and some shot glasses in the freezer to enjoy an ice cold Jager shot. It doesn't freeze, but the ice cold shots will burn through your body, and it's an awesome sensation.

SOHO Lychee - SOHO hasn't really become that popular yet in the United States, but I've seen it more frequently lately at Asian restaurants and bars. A popular drink is a Lychee Martini or Lychee Grapefruit. Easy to drink, and feels a bit ethnic, so you'll definitely get some attention if you have this around.

All right, I think those are some of the most popular liqueurs that are out today. A lot of the liqueurs above, you will be using quite frequently at your bar. Be sure to familiarize yourself with them since it must become second nature to you in order for you to become a great bartender.

All right, we'll finish off this lesson on liqueurs by going over the other liqueurs that you may use a little less frequently.

So until next time, study hard, and Cheers!

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