Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to go to bartending school to become a bartender?

Bartending schools are actually not required to become a bartender. There are really no certificates that is approved by the state or federal government that will make you into an officially certified bartender. Many bartenders become one from actually working as a server or barback, and they learn as they go. However, it is never a disadvantage to go through bartending school either. They will let you practice in a real life setting how to make drinks efficiently. You will also be able to put on your resume that you've attended bartending school, and that maybe of value to your potential employer.

How much do bartenders get paid?

Bartenders usually work at minimum wage. Whatever the minimum wage is in your state, you will be working hourly at that amount. However, we make our living through the tips that our customers provide for us. Drinks aren't necessarily cheap at a restaurant or a bar. We're pretty used to paying $3-5 for a beer, $5-10 for a glass of wine, and $5-10 for a cocktail. So basically, you will be making 15-20% of what you make at the bar. Also, if you work at a bar/restaurant, many people will order up an appetizer or a whole meal along with their drinks. If they order food, that will also increase your tip earnings.

How much money a night you make is totally up to the volume of the bar. On a busy night, an average bartender can pretty easily make $150-200. In a slow bar, bartenders may go home with making just $50 a night. Of course, you also have the minimum wage that you get paid hourly on top of the tips that you earn.

If you have a choice and need to make money, working at a busy bar is the best bet in making the most money for yourself. Customers will usually pay you a dollar tip for a beer, and the more beer you open, the more money you'll make.

What is the difference between a liqueur and a cordial?

Basically, it's the same thing. People do argue on the technical definition, but overall, it is an alcoholic beverage or mixer infused with sugar and flavor.


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