Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lesson 1: Glassware

Lesson 1 will teach you about the glassware that you will need to get yourself familiar with. Glassware is one of the most fundamental knowledge you will need to acquire as a bartender, since you will be pouring your drinks into them! Learning about glassware means you will need to memorize the shape of the glass and its name. Later, you will learn what drinks will go into each of the specific glassware.

There are about 15-20 different types of glassware that you'll need to get yourself familiar with. These 15-20 glassware are the fundamental, and there are many variations on the theme. Glassware designers do like to come up with their own little variations to add some flare into a piece of glass. But by understanding the fundamentals, you will have no problems in identifying the variety of glassware you’ll be encountered with as a bartender.

When you are bartending, it is critical that you pour your cocktails in the right glassware. Your customers will have expectations for a drink to come in a certain glass, and if they don't get it, they may feel ripped off. Can you imagine receiving a martini in beer mug? Or vice versa: a beer in a martini glass. It just wouldn't feel right. When you're bartending in real life, you'll be encountered with more subtle and less obvious glassware decisions to make. An example will be pouring a frozen strawberry margarita in a hurricane glass or a margarita glass. The decision will be yours, but you'll need some fundamental knowledge to make an intelligent decision at that point.

So, the glassware portion of the bartending lesson is a game of memorizing. It might suck, but you need to do it. Good luck pulling out some flashcards, and doing what it takes for you to memorize the glassware and its names. You'll later learn what drinks will be paired with a certain glassware. Good luck!

Below are some of the most basic glassware that you’ll need to get yourself familiar with. Take a look at it and memorize its shape and the name. I used the Amazon links since they had great pictures that I can use for free. I think it works out really well.

Glassware Memorization Game

Fluted Whiskey



Tall Dutch Cordial


Red Wine/Burgundy Wine

Martini or Cocktail



Wine Glass (White)

High Ball






So here they are. Be sure to get a good understanding of each of its shape, feel, and size to be able to make it second nature to know its name. Knowing your glassware is a critical part about becoming a great bartender so, please take a little time to get it under your belt. Spend some time at your nearest Crates and Barrel, or Bed Bath and Beyond to check it out for yourselves.

Good luck, and till my next lesson, cheers!

Next - Lesson 2 on Basic Bar Tools.


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yea, the pictures of the glassware are not showing up. that would be extremely helpful. thanks so much!

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I finally got around to fixing the pictures to come up. Courtesy of Amazon and its hosting.

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Hi FoxxiDork85, thanks for your comment. With comments like yours, I keep myself motivated to post more articles on this blog. Thanks!

nofiron said...

The English style Pint glass is popular now with all the craft beers and ales.

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You know what you should attach or make aavailable to print would be some flash cards. For glasses,drinks, and whatever else needs to be remembered.

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Neasha said...

HI!! I am a very young aspiring bartender and this information has proven to be very helpful and informative to me thank you oh so very much in advance for all the up coming lesson an looking forward to them and I can assure you there will be questions from me

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The pictures are gone again. I am looking to learn as much as possible here.

Mike Gaffney said...

I too am unable to open the pictures- but it is so very awesome that you have shared your time and knowledge by writing this course. Thank you, Deborah

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