Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome to Free Online Bartending School

Welcome to Free Online Bartending School! The best place to learn about bartending on the Internet. This site will provide you with the basics on how to become a bartender and make great money all within a few weeks!!

This site is designed for anybody that wants to learn more about bartending. And it’s absolutely free of charge for you to use. Basically, I have a lot of time on my hands right now, and I thought it'll be cool to have a free online bartending school. I surely wished there was one when I was growing up.

Personally, I've been a bartender myself, and after a series of jobs thereafter, I enjoyed bartending the most. The amount of money you can make, the attention you get, and the girls you can get are all the great benefits of this job. And if you're a girl, there's nothing sexier than a girl bartender. You'll usually be able to get a job faster than most guys if you know what you're doing.

Learning bartending is great for a lot of reasons. For one you can make money being a bartender. What other job will pay you a dollar whenever you open a beer bottle for someone? Number two, if you like to have parties, you're guaranteed to make the party 10x better if you know how to bartend. When I was in school, we always had house parties, and because of my bartending skills, we usually threw one of the best parties around. You can just get everybody piss drunk, which is a lot of fun. And lastly, if you know how to bartend, you can impress a girl or even your family when you make a killer glass of margarita for them. Bartenders are always loved for what they can provide for their patrons.

So, you've got a lot of benefits in learning about bartending here. And again, it’s all free for you to use. There's really no catch as Google is providing me with this server space for free, and if you click on one of my ads, I'll make some money to cover the cost of me writing what I love to do. It’s really a win-win situation.

My mission is to come up with a full course for you to follow so that you can become a bartender in as quick as 1 week. That's usually the standard length of a bartending class.

So, here it is. I hope you enjoy the ride! And always feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if I didn't explain things well enough.

Best wishes and cheers!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I just stumbled on to your site as I'm determined to start my own lounge and I'm a human sponge at the moment to anything mildly related to bringing this dream to fruition... and I felt absolutely compelled to say thank you for taking the time to make all this wonderful information available. I absolutely appreciate it.
In short, you rock! :)


Prermier League Fan said...

Dude I have a bartending trial run for an amazing bar in a week, havent had practice in years, hope your blog can remind me how things worked, good job!!!

American Bartenders School said...

Hi We are wondering if you could add our Bartending School to your site directory. We have been teaching folks how to bartend in New York City since 1969!

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